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Dobbly's Island is the collaborative game for the whole family! Perfect for a Friday or Saturday afternoon, all together around the table. Of course, Dobbly's Island can also be played with multiple friends. The game can be played with 2 - 4 people* and takes about 25 minutes.

* There are four roles, so when playing with less than four people, the remaining roles can be divided.

Aim of the game

The aim of Dobbly's Island is to leave the sinking island with four players. This is only possible when each player has collected the key in their colour and when the bridges to the submarine has been activated. Is both done? Then the player can go to the submarine, which only leaves the island when everyone is on board.

Start screen

On the start screen, the button must be pressed. This game can be played with any colour button, which is why the button is white at first. Press the button to start the game.

Figure 1: Start Screen

Shared jar with steps

The next screen shows the shared jar with steps. Steps are the "currency" of Dobbly's Island. With this you can:

  • Take steps across the island. Each step from one square to another costs 1 step.
  • Buying Upgrades: Spend the Steps to Buy Upgrades
Figure 2: the shared points jar
Figure 3: the game board

The shared jar is visible in the screen above. Press the Steps button (with icon of two shoeprints) to continue.

The game board

On the game board (see above images, right) the four islands of King Dobbly are visible.

  • Top left: the desert and player Green
  • Top right: the forest and player Blue
  • Bottom left: the city and player Purple
  • Bottom right: the iceberg and player Orange

The observant player has noticed that half the screen is upside down. How odd! But don't worry, this is done so that the tablet with the app on it can be placed flat on the table. The intention is that the four players sit around the tablet (instead of behind it), so everyone has a view of the islands. Other action menus will also be rotated to the players for whom it is relevant.

By taking steps, you can place the players on different action squares. Only when the player stands still on an action square, the corresponding action is carried out. The table below shows the different actions.

Icon Meaning
Icon minigame.png

Action box: play a minigame. After choosing this action, you will see the minigame wheel, see Figure 4.

Icon turnbridge.png

Action box: Turn bridge direction. The bridges connecting the four islands can only be used in one direction. Playing this action square reverses the direction of all the bridges.

Icon makebridge.png

Action box: Build bridge. To get to the submarine, you need to build a bridge to the submarine. This action square does just that. A bridge must be built on both sides of the submarine. This action square is available twice per side, but only has to be played once.

Icon chance.png

Action box: chance. Fate decides whether you get a nice present or a punishment. Take the risk! (Not yet included)

Icon player.png

Player icon. There are four different players: Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. Each player has its own icon. Divide the players or play all together.

Icon key.png

Player key: Each player has its own key that has to be picked up. The colour corresponds to the colour of the player. (Available to every player)

Icon lock.png

Player lock: Each player has its own lock. Has the key been picked up by the player? Then the lock is opened and the lock disappears from this player's submarine. (Available to every player)


The steps of each player are "paid for" from the common jar. It is therefore important to determine a common strategy, in which everyone can achieve their own goals and the goals of the game. If a player repeatedly chooses for themselves, the player will have to wait for the others at the end (and have nothing left to do). An individual strategy is therefore very boring!

When it has been decided that the purple player, for example, will move, this player can be clicked. At that moment the game zooms in and the purple remote control becomes visible. Only the purple player can operate it! Move the steps by pressing the arrows, the route will be visible through a black line. Satisfied with the route for the purple player? Then press Confirm and the player will complete the route. If there is an action square at the end of the route, this action square will be played.

Figure 4: Navigation using the remote control
Figure 5: Navigation using the remote control


During the game, you play minigames to earn steps. Watch out! After each minigame, the water rises!

Figure 6: minigame wheel